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Strategy and Sackbutt are both available through iTunes

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Mah177 (2005)

1. First Love
2. She Want
3. How Far?
4. Strategy
5. Puppet Show
6. Skin
7. It's About Time
8. A Tune For Valerie
9. Humanity (Strategy)

Horace X - Live at the Junction

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Mah101 (2003)

1. Balkan Con Fusion
2. No Vocal
3. Bad Lies
4. Turkno Yo Yo
5. Mr Simms - Vampire Mix
6. Darkness Falls
7. Sarinda
8. Problems
9. La Tropicana Lisdoonvarna
10. Wicked and
11. Mao
Plus bonus Turkno video - live UV show!

Sackbutt Folk Spoil Sunday i-tunes link

UK Version Complete Lyrics

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Mahajeti 099 (2001)
1. Bad Lies (MP3 file)
2. Blind Eye
3. Darkness Falls
4. Mr Simms - Vampire Mix
5. Dreams - half empty
6. U.K. Cosmopolitan Sound (MP3 file)
7. Nuff Megabyte
8. Izuaint
9. Problems - half full

German Version

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Vielklang EFA 03234-2 (2003)

Tracklist same as UK version -- tracks 1-9 plus bonus Turkno video - live UV show!

Burst Peacock

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Mahajeti 003 (1999)

Back Catalogue: Now only £5

1. No Vocal (MP3 file)
2. La Tropicana Lisdoonvarna
3. TDA 7052
4. Turkno Yo Yo
5. My Name is Music
6. Mr Simms Doesn't Like Us (MP3 file)
7. Old Man Dub
8. Sarinda
9. La Tropicana Lisdoonvarna (Vocal Mix)
10. Wicked & (TDA 7052 Vocal mix)
11. Mao

Enhanced CD includes video of 'Mr Simms Doesn't Like Us', directed by Nick Towle. Shot on location in Cambridge Town Centre and also features the indescribable dayglo visuals of the Horace X stage show.

Horace X - E.P.

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Mahajeti 0077 (1994)
Back Catalogue: £2.50
1. M=EC2
2. Turkno Techno
3. Arguing Rats
4. Horace
5. X Mix



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